• phokeh

    phokeh is a tiny application which allows the user to view and upload photos in the current directory to smugmug. The workflow is simple and intuitive, run phokeh, select the photos you want to upload and press Upload! You will need to edit the file in advance and set your smugmug username and password in the config section at the beginning of the file. phokeh is written in python and uses Qt4 via PyQt4 for its UI and PIL for its imaging functions.

    In the future, phokeh will also facilitate uploading to other photo hosting services (flickr, zooomr, picasaweb or via FTP), along with some basic photo editing tools (contrast, levels, cropping, etc).

    Screenshot (v0.1)

    Download source (v0.1)

  • I Had a

    Social portal for dream sharing. Post an interesting dream, have others vote it up and down according to its interestingness; users can post dreams, vote dreams up or down, leave comments and others. It is currently under development and will replace the WordPress version in a few weeks.

  • unnamed project 1

    Another social portal pertaining to places in the world worth visiting.

  • unnamed project 2

    A data visualization tool that we'll be writing in Flex.